New Beginnings…

Sooooo….I’m not really sure how to start this blog post.  I haven’t written on my old blog in awhile, partially because I’ve been busy, and partially because I felt trapped in that space.

It felt cluttered.

Needed new life, and I’ve been debating switching to a wordpress hosted site for awhile now, and so after talking to a few of my blogging/speaking/author friends, I finally just decided to jump, and do it.

So this space, is a work in progress.

It always will be.

For as much as my heart longs to have consistency, and structure, life inevitably brings change often.

One of my deepest joys is encouraging others.  It is my hope that here in this space I can encourage you just by sharing my real life.  Sometimes that will seem organized, and others that will seem chaotic and cluttered, but honestly, I just want to share my heart with you.  It gives my heart great joy when I can share from my hurt, or pass along a tip that has made parenting easier, or something frugal I learned how to do that helps us save money on a monthly basis.

I long to help.

I long to see a woman thriving in her life not because she defines “thriving” by everyone else’s standards, but because she has learned to bloom right where she is planted.  Whether that is amidst thorns, or luscious green grass, storms, or rocky ground…friends God is walking with you in the middle of whatever it is you are going through!

He sees.  He knows.

So go…be beautiful…be YOU!  Live intentionally this one life God has given you to live, and embrace whatever season you are in!

I do hope you’ll join me on my many adventures!  I can’t wait to share some of what has been on my heart lately!  There will be many practical home recipes and DIY projects, encouraging things God has been putting on my heart, and this maybe news to some of you, but I will also sometimes be sharing about our adoption and foster care journey as we anticipate a foster placement soon!

All of the different things I blog about here will just be a glimpse into my journey as I try to live with intention.  I pray my story will help you be encouraged to do the same!  I long to live a life full with abundant blessings even when those “blessings” don’t always feel good at the time.  All of these pieces put together make up my life, and it is out of these pieces that a Full Life Mom is born!



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